JX ALTA™ Prime

The only translucent, perforated film housewrap with a built-in multi-directional drainage plane

Every roll of JX ALTA™ PRIME is equipped with a multi-directional CLAF® mesh drainage plane – the most effective drainage solution in the industry.

The JX ALTA™ PRIME is the ALTA line’s perforated film housewrap product. Not only is it one of the most affordable perforated wraps available, but it’s also the only perforated wrap with built-in multi-directional drainage. The drainage plane of the PRIME, signature of the ALTA line, allows water to flow freely off of the housewrap surface. The PRIME does away with the drainage add-ons that others in the industry require to improve the water resistance of their perforated wraps.

The CLAF® mesh material that makes built-in multi-directional drainage possible also increases the tensile and tear strength of every JX ALTA™ PRIME roll. Affordability, structural strength and JX ALTA’s unique housewrap drainage make the PRIME a leading choice in perforated film housewraps.

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As a builder of residential and commercial buildings in Charleston, SC, we are faced with seasonal rains, high temperatures, high humidity and heavy air conditioning use during the long summer months… When we stick frame a new house in the Low Country we look for several features in our Moisture Barrier… With the unique vertical diamond surface of the Alta Drainable house wrap, the moisture behind the siding is allowed to drain and dissipate providing a more breathable construction. The Alta product is one more element in our battle against the elements and is our house wrap of choice.

~ Jim Sloggatt – President – Gateway Park Enterprises, LLC

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