Frequently Asked Questions - JX Alta™

Q Does JX ALTA™ Housewrap line offer multiple Perm Levels?

A Yes! With a multitude of different wall design demands for different geographic regions, JX ALTA Housewraps are the only non-perforated water resistant barriers to offer Low, Medium and High Perm materials.

Q Is having a built in Drainage Plane important for water resistant barriers?

A Absolutely! Although exterior cladding is considered to be the primary barrier to water entering a building enclosure, gaps in outer surfaces due to wall intersections, penetrations and joints can allow bulk water to reach the water resistant barrier. It is imperative that this bulk water “drain” down the wall surface and not pool behind the wall. With a certified >95% drainage on all JX ALTA housewraps there is never a worry for bulk water to stay behind your wall enclosures creating mold and mildew.

Q Is JX ALTA housewrap durable?

A Unquestionably! Every one of JX ALTA housewrap products are laminated with our strong reinforcement polyethylene mesh called CLAF®. CLAF is a lightweight, dimensionally stable reinforcing material which gives JX ALTA its exceptional tear strength and serves as the drainage plane. JX ALTA housewraps will not rip off of the house under normal wind conditions like other housewraps.

Q Are JX ALTA housewraps considered to be air barriers?

A Yes, all non-perforated styles of JX ALTA housewrap meet ASTM E2178 Air Permeance of Building Materials. The maximum allowed value by AC38 to be considered an air barrier is .02 L/(s/m2) and all JX ALTA products are > .01 L/(s/m2 ). Other perforated housewraps do not meet this standard and cannot be considered where air barrier products are required.

Q Is JX ALTA backed by a warranty?

A Without Question! JX ALTA housewraps are supported by a limited 10 year Warranty and backed by JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 Company, JX Holdings. Every roll of JX ALTA is tested prior to each shipment and designed to perform at the highest standard.

Let Us Help You Choose The Correct Product for Your Application.

As a builder of residential and commercial buildings in Charleston, SC, we are faced with seasonal rains, high temperatures, high humidity and heavy air conditioning use during the long summer months… When we stick frame a new house in the Low Country we look for several features in our Moisture Barrier… With the unique vertical diamond surface of the Alta Drainable house wrap, the moisture behind the siding is allowed to drain and dissipate providing a more breathable construction. The Alta product is one more element in our battle against the elements and is our house wrap of choice.

~ Jim Sloggatt – President – Gateway Park Enterprises, LLC

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