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Q Can you laminate my non-woven to a different product, like a film or paper?

A Yes, depending on the properties you require of the finished product, we should be able to laminate your nonwoven to just about any other substrate.  First, we discuss with you what properties are important to you then we design and put together a composite that meets your needs. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Q Does JX Composites laminate substrates with different polymer compositions?

A Yes, we focus on either adhesive lamination or sonic lamination to determine the best possible way to combine different polymers into one composite. Please call our sales technical support to assist you with these types of questions.

Q Is there a limit to how heavy you can make a finished fabric?

A Typically, the sonic lamination process requires products which total no more than about 4 osy (113 gsm). The thermal and adhesive processes may allow for slightly heavier composites, up to 6 osy (170 gsm). Please call us to discuss your specific application.

Q I have an idea and I’d like to create some development material prior to having to purchase full rolls of fabric or film. Can you work with smaller quantities?

A Most initial work is performed in our lab, and only after we’ve proven the concept would we take the product to one of our production lines. We will work with hand sheets or small pieces for the initial evaluation of your ideas.

Q My project has the potential to grow and it encompasses working with materials in different countries. Is JX Composites able to manage this kind of project?

A JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. is a US division of a global corporation based in Japan. We have a very competent technical staff in the US, Europe and Asia, as well as marketing and sales resources around the globe.

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As a builder of residential and commercial buildings in Charleston, SC, we are faced with seasonal rains, high temperatures, high humidity and heavy air conditioning use during the long summer months… When we stick frame a new house in the Low Country we look for several features in our Moisture Barrier… With the unique vertical diamond surface of the Alta Drainable house wrap, the moisture behind the siding is allowed to drain and dissipate providing a more breathable construction. The Alta product is one more element in our battle against the elements and is our house wrap of choice.

~ Jim Sloggatt – President – Gateway Park Enterprises, LLC

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