ALTA® 360 Housewraps

ALTA® is the only brand of housewrap products that puts the choice in the hands of builders.

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Signature Multidirectional Drainage Technology

The mesh ALTA® uses in all of its products creates a multi-directional drainage plane on every roll of housewrap; a built-in housewrap solution for drainage, which can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. The CLAF® mesh bolsters the strength of every ALTA® housewrap roll, while the engineered film provides the breathability builders need to protect their projects from moisture entrapment.

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What is ALTA

ALTA® is a housewrap that gives a choice for exceptional strength and drainage. The unique structure of ALTA® housewraps allows for breathability, excellent tear resistance and high drainage capabilities. Every roll of ALTA® Housewrap incorporates our unique CLAF® mesh giving it its one of a kind 360° drainage plane.

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ALTA® – Protect And Preserve Any Structure

All styles of ALTA® 360° provide higher drainage efficiency and allow for multidirectional installation to minimize product waste. ALTA® is available for builders in different permeability options making it adaptable for every need.

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Tape and Flashing options are available through ALTA® to ensure a perfect water-tight barrier without any risk of leaks along with more building products and services to serve the building and construction industry.

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